How to Renew Teak Garden Furniture




Introduction: How to Renew Teak Garden Furniture

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Although teak is one of the most resistant outer timber due to its high oil content, this wood also needs some maintenance to keep the garden furniture from turning gray and dry.

Step 1: Apply Renovator Product

We can find in the market many brands specialized in restoring teak furniture offering the complete package to restore our outdoor furniture.

First, we will apply a renovating teak. Using a brush, apply the teak renewal product to all the furniture and let stand for 24 hours, so that the product can penetrate the wood and to fulfill its role.

Step 2: Remove the Product With Water

With the help of a brush and water , remove the product placed above the garden furniture, rubbing until we see that the color becomes lighter and goes removing the first layer of the furniture. Rub all over the furniture until it reappears a pure reddish color underneath .

Step 3: Sand the Furniture

With the help of sandpaper sand the entire surface of the garden furniture, to recover a fine and smooth surface, and thus remove all the roughness

Step 4: Apply Teak Oil

Afterwardst, and especially with the furniture completely dry, we will apply teak oil. We can find several types of applicators around the market . I opted for applying the oil with spray.

Step 5: Result: Garden Furniture Ready for Use All Year Round!

And ready .
The end result is teak garden furniture clean and well protected for an entire season.

Enjoy your outdoor space and your furniture!

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    6 years ago

    It looks great! Is it necessary to use the first application of Teak renewal stuff, before sanding the crusty finish?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Unless your teak is rough, you shouldn't need to sand. But if it is rough, it's best to clean first and then sand, after it's thoroughly dry. Then apply oil.

    The pre cleaned teak could gunk up your sandpaper.