Introduction: How to Repair/ Hack Your Video Game Controllers Better, With Sugru

I seem to always submit new constructable only when there's a contest lol.

I got my free sample pack of sugru and I just could not wait to figure out how I could use and and boy was I surprised.

this is pretty much straight forward, I got an nes controllers a while back in a deal and it was pretty beaten up so I left it in the corner for a while, then I got another nes controller I had to give to some one but the start button was cut off. so thinking quick I removed the start / select buttons from it and put it into the beat up controller thus making it useless.

this will also work on the snes controller and be as easy to fix as the nes controller, you can also fix the gameboy, ps1 and ps2 controller but that is a lil harder to open

Step 1: What You'll Need

A single hack pack of sugru, your color of choice I only had green on hand, I used just one pack for this entire instructable + another 2 that will be up loaded soon.

A cut up select or start button, in my case it was an nes controller.

you may also need something flat to help shape the sugru and something textured like sand paper just to ad texture to the sugru.

Step 2: The Start / Select Repair for Nes + More

so to fix this you first fully take apart the nes controller (this is idiot proof) just get a smaller Philips screw driver and make sure you do not strip any screws unlike me. now take the circuit and put it tho the side, take the rubber select/ start button out of the shell, clean it off and let it dry.

Step 3: The Start / Select Repair for Nes + More Part 2

now take a small piece of sugru , roll it into a lil worm/ snake / w/e now pull off a piece and stick it onto the start/ select button. now ones its on there make sure its about the same height as the other button and make sure its not any wider than the original button or it will not fit through the button hole. once you have it in the right shape and height put it into the controller to test and see if it will fit pull it out and make any adjustments if you need to and then let it dry for a day.

Step 4: The Start / Select Repair for Nes + More Finished

now after drying for about a day put it back into the controller, screw it all back together and give it a test run. In my case i have to glue some of the corners together since I stripped 2 screws and ripped out a post.

if you have any issue like your button won't fit through holes or its the wrong shape/ size, use an exacto nife and trim the excess carefully or you will have to start all over again.

NOW HAVE FUN PLAYING YOUR NES AGAIN (video atatched of it working, the sound wont work for me but might with you)

Step 5: Other Idea's

a bonus idea, you cant swap the rubber pad for the D pad from an n64 controller into and nes controller for the D pad and it will work

You can had a nice comfy sugru pad to your n64 controllers joystick, you can replace the rubber on your ps3, ps2, ps1,gamecube, wii, xobox, xbox 360 and any other controller with an analog stick.

You can also make some nice hand grips for your controller.

another use is to fix a ripped cable as i did.

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