Introduction: How to Replace Your Car Air Filter

Any engine that runs by internal combustion of fuel requires air to operate. That's because without air, specifically, oxygen, fuels like gasoline and diesel can't burn and provide the explosive force to power the engine. The engine air filters allow the right amount of air down our vehicle engines' gullets, while trapping the grit that would do our engines harm. But even the best air filter can withstand only but so much abuse from the outside environment. So how do you, as a car owner, know when it's time to change the air filter?
That all depends, as is often the case with car parts, on how hard the car is driven and under what conditions. If the car sees much use in dusty, harsh conditions, then more frequent air filter changes are in order.

Step 1: Remove Air Filter Cover

Raise the hood and find the air cleaner assembly. The air filter unit is usually situated on top of the engine. but before, it is recommended to wash out the engine !!!!! 
Now turn the screws and unfasten the pins.

Step 2: Remove the Old Filter and Put the New One

the filter can be changed like this

Step 3: Finished

close the cover

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