Introduction: How to Salt Hardboiled Eggs Without Another Plate

Love hardboiled eggs? lets imagine. u have a hardboiled egg and salt. walking to your couch, u sit down and turn on the tv. breaking open the shell, all the little shell pieces fall on your plate. how are you going to put the salt on the plate without eating shells? ehh your too lazy to go and get another plate. heres wat you do.

Step 1: My Way of Opening a Hardboiled Egg

there r hundreds of different ways to do this. my way is perfect for this instructable. first you hit the egg on the plate ONCE. hard enough to break the shell but solfly enough not to rip the egg.

Step 2: Take Off the Little Pieces

take off the first piece and look at it. theres a layer of clear skin under the shell. rip that and pull that off and the shell will come off with it. keep on taking the pieces off untill only half of the shell is left.

Step 3: Taking the Egg Out

take your finger nail, and insert it under the top of the shell.slowly take the whole egg out and try not to break any of the shell as possible. it might be pretty hard but it'll get easier.

Step 4: Get the Salt

pour the salt in the big shell that you have.

Step 5: Enjoy!

dip the egg in the shell and when you take it out, it will have salt on it! take a bite and enjoy your hardboiled egg.