Introduction: How to Save Articles in the Google News Archive As Images

The only thing you need to download to do this is the free software

Go to this link

click the place in the picture to download

after its done downloading. install it

Step 1: #1 Getting the Article You Want

Go to the website where what ever you want to copy is located at.

once you have it up on your screen click f11 on your key board,

this will put your browser into full screen mode and remove all the tool bars etc

once you have the block of text or article you want on your computer screen press ctrl and the prnt screen /print screen key at the same time. this will save an image of your screen

Step 2: Getting the Image Into

open the free software it should be on your desktop after you install it

When opens click file then click new

A size box will pop up just click ok and don't change any of the numbers

this will open a blank page the same size of what ever you copied

Step 3: Pasting the Print Screen Image

Once you have the right size blank page up click edit and then paste

Step 4: Cropping the Part You Want Saved

After the full image is pasted click the square icon in the picture.

put the mouse pointer near the part of the image/ article you want to save

hold down the left mouse button to make the square/boarder the size of the image you want to save

after your image is highlighted blue like in the guide picture

go up to the button that says edit and click copy

Step 5: Pasting Your New Image

go up to the file icon and click new

a blank page the size of the part you cropped/highlighted should appear

click the edit button and click paste.

Step 6: Saving the Image

once your image appears go to file icon and click save as

when the next box shows up

browse to where you want to save it name it and click save

Step 7: Last Part of Saving

After clicking save the box in this image will appear

you don't need to do anything here but click ok

a loading bar shows up after that's done you are finished and have the image you wanted

Step 8: TIPS

this is the finished image

You may have to print screen different sections to get all of the article and save as separate images

if you cant read the article image check to see if you can zoom in on the website (possible in Google news)

then print screen

you can also resize an image in by clciking the image icon which is located near the file icon. then going to resize