Introduction: How to Scan E-cards to Pokemon Channel

Finnaly finished!
this will work on gba sp. put the cable in the sp  port not the E-reader's port

Step 1: Needed Items

1.E-reader(or E+)
1.pkmn channel game disk.
1.GameCube or Wii
1.GBA-to-GC cable
1.GC controler(duh)
1.memory card

you can be on any day as long as you have a working save. just go yo (before you start game) optionns/e-reader

Step 2: Setup

for SP:

Step 3: Scaning

all i know so far is if you hit scan dot code and scan the card it shows pic 1    |
so that indicates that you use the comunication feature on the E-reader


Sorry for the late update but i completly forgot about this instructible.

Anyways you do use the communication feture to save a E-reader program so any game you have saved will be erased. start up the E-reader program and conect it to the game cube controler port 2. on pokemon channel go to options and select E-reader. when the GBA says "Scan a Card!" scan 1 of the 3 cards included with pokemon channel. if it is a painting you will be taken to the paint program. if it is the pattern card it will ask you if you want to scan another card.

Step 4: End

this ends this instructible.hope it helped.