Introduction: How to Start a Faberge

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how to start a faberge using a large size chicken egg

Step 1: You Will Need

well you will need
a sewing needle to start
a small phillips head screw driver
and a lot of hot glue with a glue gun (of course)
and an egg

Step 2: First

to empty the egg you will want to make a small holle with your needle then move it around to make a slightly biggger hole then on the bigger end of the egg take your phillips head and poke hole with that and make it a little bigger but be careful because the egg is delicate amnd may crack(like my first try).

Step 3: Next Step

you will want to run some water through that larger hole to the smaller hole and clear out all that goop and stuff in the egg.

Step 4: Drying the Egg

now take a soft towell not a heavy dish towel but a soft towel and pat it dry carefully not to hurt it.

Step 5: Adding the Hot Glue

might want to bleach the egg first though (just a thought) now for the hot glue use a flat surface because the last time i used a non flat surface i burnt my self(2nd degree burn in my belly button) once you cleared yourself a surface you will heat that glue gun up wait about ten minutes till its hot enough(surf instructables while your at it) then put some glue in that egg but first cover up the smaller hole on the smaller end of the egg with a paper towel start carefully putting little amounts of hot glue in at a time.

Step 6: The Painting

the last part of this instructable is the painting. you will need a subject to paint i chose my bird(sun conure). good subject i will neeed some clay to make a beack and eyes thats were my man plasmana comes in

then your done and happy egging or whatever