Introduction: How to Stay Warm During a Campout

Have you ever been on a campout during winter and just couldn't stay warm? Well I can't go back in time and help you out there,but this 'ible will help keep you warm during future campouts.

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Step 1: Don't Be a "macho Man"

You see what it says above?That helps a lot.I go on campouts regularly with my troop and there always one of them who says "I'll be okay,I don't get cold,so I don't need to bring warm clothes,sleeping bag etc." Which brings me to my next point.

Step 2: During the Day

Here is what i like to bring for a weekend campout.


2.sweatpants.'''NO''' Jeans.Jeans have,I won't say large, but large for clothes,spaces between the threads that let cold air through them,making you colder.sweatpants do not have spaces as large as jeans.

3.a beanie!some also call them a skull is basically a hat made out of warm material that completely covers your head.And it '''WILL'''
keep you warm.

4.spare may seen simple,but make sure that all your clothes are made of the same material as advised above

please note:a beanie is also great for covering your eyes while sleeping.

LAYERING sure to layer your clothes and switch them out before you go to sleep because during the day you sweat and that turns into cold clothes.So change clothes before you go to bed.I use tomorrow's clothes to sleep in. can change your layers based on your activity level.say you have a football game,well you could just strip some layers down to 1 or 2 layers and have a football game with your friends.But say you are just sitting around doing nothing but watching the day go by.Then I would recommmend 3 or 4 layers.
I usually layer like this.
1st layer:t-shirt or maybe under armor
2nd layer:hoodie or sweatshirt
3rd layer:i ususally dont go to a third layer,but i would recommend a heavy coat
4th layer:same as third layer

1.a packet of HOT HANDS(explained in step four)

Step 3: Sleeping Bag

It is good to watch the weather before a campout.why you ask?well the temperature makes the matter of what type of sleeping bag to bring.Sleeping bags vary from subzero to above 70 degrees.That number is what temp the bag will keep warm at.This means that if you bring a 60 degree bag on a campout where the '''warmest''' temp will be 32 degrees,you'll be up all night shivering.I have one 50 degree bag for summer and a 20 degree bag for winter.Also,a thermal pad is a must-have for winter campouts just put it under you bag and sleep.thermal pads can be found at any camping store such as bass proshops,cabela's,etc.

Step 4: My Personal Tips for Staying Warm.

read the title.

1.if you wake up in the night and find yourself having to urinate,GO!you will not get back to sleep until you do.I know from experience.
2.what i did on my last camp-out was boil some water,put it in my water bottle,and slept with it in my sleeping bag.kept me warm as long as I cared to notice it.
3.have you ever heard of hot hands?they're this little packet,you can buy for a dollar where im at,that when you open the package and shake the packet,it gets really,well,hot!youb can use those to stay warm night or day.

please note:if you have any comments,questions,or concerns,dont hesitate to comment below or pm me.

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