Introduction: How to Tie a Karate Belt

I have been doing karate for about seven years. It took me six years to get a black belt. this instructable will show you the basic way to tie a karate belt.

first of all, these belts are a lot longer than people think. I have a size four, and it is 180 cm long( around ten feet). I am only 5'6, so that means the belts can get even longer.

Step 1: Tie the Belt 1

- start out by folding the belt in half

- unfold it and place the center of the belt over you belly button.

Step 2: Tie the Belt 2

- bring the two ends of the belt behind your back ( picture 1)

- looking down at your belt, place the left end over the right end (picture 2)

- with the left end, pull it underneath both layers of the belt (picture 3)

Step 3: Tie the Belt 3

now twist the place the right side over the left side. ( picture 3)

Step 4: Tie the Knot

from there, make a regular knot ( all pictures below help)

Step 5: Pull Tight

just pull tight and you're done.