How to Transform Normal Pictures Into Scary Halloween Pictures!

Introduction: How to Transform Normal Pictures Into Scary Halloween Pictures!

Firstly, take a picture (not looking too happy ideally but it doesn't matter if it does look happy). and upload it to

Step 1:

Once the picture has been uploaded, go to the featured section and use 'vampire eyes' to make eyes red and scary! It helps to zoom in on the eyes and make the brush size smaller, (because it's easier to stay inside the shape of the eye).

Step 2:

Next, use 'Draculan dermis' on skin to make it look pale, (make sure its set to fed). Try to get ALL skin but don't go over the eyes.

Step 3:

Then, use 'blood stains' to create a dribble of blood from the mouth. You can also put blood stains on the clothes, but avoid to many random dots because it begins to look really fake.

Step 4:

Next, use 'Zombify 2.0' to make edges of face and neck mouldy. You can do however little or much you want of this really, but i think it looks better with just a little bit.

Step 5:

Finally, use 'face paint' to draw black circles around eyes and fade them out. Then just, (if possible), create a shadow with devil horns behind the person and again fade out.

Step 6:

Now you should have something that looks abit like this!:-)

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