How to Use Your Face Book Picture As Your Instructables Picture

Introduction: How to Use Your Face Book Picture As Your Instructables Picture

 this instructable will teach you how to do what the title says easily

Step 1: 1st

go to google images and type in your name usually your Facebook pic shows up if not don't read further

Step 2: Next

 right click on the pic and click on copy image URL

Step 3: �go to Customize Under Your Account Click On�

 go to customize under your account click on change images and instead of my computer on the option scroll bar thing choose internet and in the space next to it right click and choose paste then click add url and the click upload

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    There would be several ways to use the facebook picture as a profile pic for any site, instructables included... and while this works it is one of the least reliable methods... and depending on the browser used your instructions could be completely off.

    I'd recommend looking into the alternatives, and making an actual instructable... either offering more than one method (including at least one 100% reliable way to do it), or at least going over the differing instructions for this method with each of the major browsers.