Introduction: How to Wire Multiple LED's Together

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ok so in this instructable i'm going to show you how to wire multiple LED's together in a series circuit
the parts are preety easy to come by and the entire project requires minimal soldering squills
1. a 9V battery
2. 3 LED diodes(5mm)
3. a soldering iron
4. a switch
5. some solder and coper wire

Step 1: Making the Circuit

so now you need to wire the LED's in a series which actually means the circuit goes like this
So now you have the first side which is positive and the second which is negative

Step 2: Soldering the Leads

after that its time to solder the - and the + wire to the circuit and to attach the switch(optional) the important thing to do is to solder the switch right next to the battery so before ....a trensistor,capacitor....and any other attachments to stop accidental usage of your there is a little catch to all this as you can see i used 3 LED's but these are 3V LED's so when you do the math there is no need for a resistor
R=(9V-(3*3V))/ 0.02 mA
0.02mA is the minimal current required for the LED's to work.
so you see the voltage is just perfect but if you're using 2 or less or lower voltage you can decrease the lifetime of the LED unless you put a Resistor
probably a small number of ohm but still important
ok so now the battery

Step 3: The Power Source and the Test

bassicly you need to connect the circuit to the power source which in this case is a 9V battery i was thinking about upgrading to a computer power supply but for now lets stick to batteries :)
so if you have a 9V battery clip attach it to the battery but i didnt so i just soldered the circuit to the battery
basicly that's it you're done i sure hope this project help everyone and that you liked it.If you have any questions leave them in the comments and until next time :)