How to Write Short Songs for Beginners




Introduction: How to Write Short Songs for Beginners

I decided I would try some thing new. Please tell me what your opinion in this is. Thank you.

Step 1: Materials

♥ a pencil or pen ♥ a hard surface ♥ paper ♥ free time

Step 2: Time to Choose

Choose or make a topic to write about and write it on the top of th paper and under line it. ♥ Mine is something warm and/or sweet.

Step 3: My Ideas Are

under your line write your ideas and circle the one you would like to use the most. ♥ I chose hot chocolate

Step 4: #1 Is Repetitive

write one sentence that you like that has to do with your topic. and put a star infront of it. ♥ this will be the chorus

Step 5: Base Is the Focus #1

write one poem three to four lines no longer no shorter. ♥ mine is: Swirled around, whipped cream on top, flavor in a cup.

Step 6: Base Is the Focus #2

write another poem three to four lines long. No longer no shorter. ♥ mine is: like a melted bar in a cup, the chocolate swirls around, it heats me up by the drop, oh hot cho-co-late.

Step 7: the One and Two Most Important Parts

choose one or two words on your paper and put a heart in front of them.
♥ mine are OH HOW.

Step 8: The Optional One

you can but you do not have to do this step.
choose one word that will be said/sung at the end of the song.
♥ mine is chocolate.

Step 9: Editing Time

cross out the words you do not want and replace them with the words you would like to go there.
♥ from my picture you can see all I had to change.

Step 10: Putting It Together

time to write your song.
my picture shows the easiest set up my song.
♥ this set-up is the one/two words, chours, first poem, one/two words,chours, second poem, one/two words, chorus, first poem, first poem, second poem, repeated word and slowly get faster, yell repeated word.
★ please feel free to create your own set up though.

Step 11: You Shall Be Named.... Something.... I Will Think of What I Was Going to Call You Because I Don't Know Yet.

Now you must create a name it can be obvious or creative it is up to you.
♥ mine is chocolate cup

Step 12: I Challenge You...

I challenge you to create a song a post a picture of the song.... after you have completed these simple tasks... ♥ sing the song to yourself ♥ sing it to at least one friend ♥ sing it to your family ( if they are bit busy) ♥ have funthank you.

Step 13: Heads Up

I need more ideas on what to make so if you have any please leave a comment saying what you would like me to make.

Step 14: Thank You!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    hi this is very helpful and i'm following you at the moment



    how cute.jpg

    6 years ago

    You could make an instructable on a rainbow loom braclet( if you know how to make one)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I have made a couple rainbow loom bracelet instructables but most of them are pictures only because I have some trouble explaining what do do sometimes do if you happen to have questions please ask...

    Thank you for asking your question.


    6 years ago

    I just looked at your profile and you do know how to make rainbow loom braclets