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are traditional Mexican sandals and shoes. Their origins are unknown, but there are clear design links between some modern huaraches such as Mayan Caites Sandals and Pre-Hispanic footwear seen on ancient codices.

As far as we know the first huarache sandals were easy enough to make that the user could make their own. Over the years however basic thong designs as the Pata de Gallo have developed into complex woven styles.

Every region in Mexico has its different style of Huaraches, but there has been no official count of all the different styles. Traditional sandals exist in Japan called Waraji, a word that sound quite similar to Huarache although there is no evidence of any connection between the two sandals.

All woven Huarraches are all made using a single strip of leather or texile that is woven around the last and through holes in the sole.

Materials and tools

Forms of the desired size in wood or teflon avoiding the forms that have a point too pronounced

Leather 2/2 for string, leather 4 for sole

Craftool Strap Cutter






Craftool Oblong Punches

round punches diameter 8



very difficult object to realize

just do it!!!!

Step 1:

cut a circle diameter 45 cm. Cut a strap with strap cutter 1 cm size.

put the strap in water for une our and pull thigli.

You will get 2 straps about 20 meters long which will serve for two shoes.

Step 2:

cut shapes for the tip and the heel run with the punch oval engravings as in the model cut holes in the sole and all around as a model and dig a bit between a hole to give space to strap
the first hole is number zero conseguently write numbers from 1 to 13 in rigth and left, sign it with a pen clearly visible.

fixed to the form the sole the tip and heel with nails so they are secure

Step 3:

insert the tip into the hole zero and put a short strap in holes 1 ( mustache) external and internal secure with nails
put a nail about one centimeter above the last oblong hole on top of form and insert a stick of wood last oblong hole

Step 4:

begin with the plot of the hole 7external (7e) fix it with nail

now i give you the pattern using this legenda accordin with numbers you've write in the bottom of the sole.

i remember you that the hole in centre of the point is zero, write numbers till13 on internal and external side of the sole.

you also have to number tip from 1 to 6 start from the point, and the heel from 1 to 6 start from top

E -------external



U-------- weave upon nail


and continue to follow the pattern always passing the strap weaving now above now belowaccording to the previous position.

always pull strongly the strip and use the screwdriver to raise strip and goes in

Step 5:

follow the pattern from 7E























Step 6:






















Step 7:





now make two other holes with Oblong Punches and go in the opposite hole brom the bottom

an start weave around passing from the space leaving pull off the nail and turn to to the other oblong punches hole

this weave it's called THE SUN

Step 8:




now start weaving in the side of the shoes to 6E

this weave it's called THE MOON

now pass from the bottom to 6I

and weave the moon on the other side

Step 9:

finish at 13I

ok keep clam and relax the shoe it's almost done

you have to cut an turn the strap since don't bother your foot and paste to the line

finish the shoe with a rubber sole sewn or paste

now anjoy your hand made leather shoes

the best shoe you've ever wear!!!!!

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