Introduction: Hybrid Car Project

Make your own car from scratch.
I,m a machinist I worked at Cushman for 35 years and developed many skills.
I have the skills to build this car and if any one else wants to build a  300+ mpg hybrid .
I will make an instructable. the diesel motor will burn bio-diesel burns clean( very good for the environment).
it will smell like french fries. (could make people hungry good for the economy.)
and you can find out how many gas stations you can fly by with only a 10 gallon tank.
with a 15 gallon tank you could go coast to coast on one tank. and still drive around for a week or so before you had to fill it.
can you get a cheaper vacation. it will make vacation really affordable
and people that drive 9000 miles or less that's only 2 tanks.
and if you run out of bio-fuel you can put a small amount of diesel fuel in until you can fill up with bio-fuel.or if your batteries are charged at that time drive until you find some.
You could make a living making these cars.
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