Introduction: Hydroponics Bardge

these tiny plants grow 4 times as fast!! (lentils about 4 days after sprouting)
and it's really easy. With some basic construction scraps you will off and running
Soon i am going to try corn on a few much smaller barges

PLEASE read on!.
and here's something cool! look@ the farthest plant to the right see how it's leaning to the sun!

Step 1:

okay the materials you will need are:
1 piece of blue board foam!
#? uncooked beans!
1 fish tank or rubbermade container
(any thing with a pump and clear sides)
a ruler (or eye ball it ) it does not have to be perfect the plants will not care!!
1 thin stiff object to poke holes with
be creatative! all it has to do is make a hole for the seeds to fit snugly in.
1 pinch of miracle grow (i didn't use any but my water was all ready saturated with nutrients from decaying plants.

Step 2:

start poking holes! start with just one and see how well the seed fits.
you may need a smaller poking device.
Better to have slightly larger holes than slightly smaller holes!!!!!!
depending on you poking device you should end up with cone shaped holes;
turn it over when you done to check

Step 3: Go CRAZY!

Experiment!! that's the purpose!
Try mini barges with small anchors like Aluminum weights and fishing line to hold them in place!
Try any thing! just go for it! You could even add a small amount of yeast to the water (plenty of co2)

Step 4: Results

Just some cool pixs of the same plant every few hours i can get a shot or two it grows crazy fast!
soon i will be doing an Instructable about growing plants in a large magnetic field!! some in a constant some in an oscillating one!

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