Introduction: [i-ponic] Cheap I-kea Areoponic Propagator

This is my tiny project for an areoponic propagator for seedlings and also for clones.
I made this with an i-kea samla box (box and cover) 3.99$
A miny air pump (aquarium ones are good) 10$
Aquarium stone (for air bubbles) 2$
Mini pots ( the ones with holes, like hydroponic ones)  0.3$*8 = 2.4$
Silicon tube (about 1mt) 0.5$
Expanse clay (holds the plants in the pot)  4$

Whole project BOM costs about 23 $$ 
Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Drill the Holes for Your Mini Pots and for Air Tube

Drill many holes for number of seedling you want to set, in my case 8

Drille the hole on one side of the box, so the air tube can go into it, pay attencion to not drill a too large hole.

Step 2: Connect the Air Pump to the Stone

Connect the silicon tube one side to the air pump the other to the stone (aquarium stone), fill with water and turn the pump on, so you test if water level is high enought.

Bubbles will come out

Step 3: Put Your Seedling :)

Now it's time to put your seedling into place! For better initial growth use rockwall or cocoPellets, fill the space between cocoPellets and the minipot with expanded clay so the plants wont fall on one or other side.

Ready it is! watch your tiny plants grow! and only for 22$$$$!!!

Step 4: Watch Your Plant Grow!

After a few days you will see bigger plants and good white roots!

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