Introduction: IPad 2 LCD Backlight Not Working After Screen Replacement?

Not going to get into the details of replacing the iPad screen, there are other tutorials on that. I am going to cover a common problem and give an easy fix.

Step 1: Read ;)

It is necessary to unplug and remove the LCD when changing the screen, try to avoid removing while the iPad is on. It's almost impossible tho not to hit the button lol.
So what happens when you unplug while on is it messes up the backlight and when you power back on you freak out...but don't freak out!
Get a flashlight or hold under a light and
1. Enter password to get in(this is a pain if you have password enabled, if not go to next step)
2. Hold top button and swipe to power off.
3. Hold top button to power on
4. Voila!

Step 2: Did It Help?

Let me know!
I read where some people bought replacement LCD screens before learning this!