IPad 3G Take Apart - a How to Guide

Introduction: IPad 3G Take Apart - a How to Guide

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 This video guide will show you to take apart the iPad 3G to replace the various internal parts. 

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Step 1: Opening Up the IPad 3G

The first step to the iPad Take Apart is to separate the two halves of the iPad. 

Step 2: IPad Glass and LCD Display Removal

 The next step is to remove the iPad Glass digitizer and the iPad LCD from the midboard. 

Step 3: Removing the IO Cable

 The next step is to remove the IO Cable. 

Step 4: Removing the Logic Board and MicroSIM

 The next step is to remove the Logic Board and Micro SIM card from the iPad 3G. 

Step 5: Speaker Assembly and Headphone Board Removal

The parts remaining at this point include the Speaker Assembly and the headphone board. The last step in the take apart procedure is to remove these remaining components.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    nice instructable, however, how does it all look when you put it back together? can the steps you show be done without showing visible signs of voiding a warranty?