Introduction: IPad Headboard Boom

Tools: Drill, Saw, Scissors, Pencil, Yard-Stick, Little yellow saw guide.
Materials: Small-Shelf-Bracket (preferably decent looking), Wood, Screws, scrap Corrugated Plastic (I have seen it holding produce at grocery store but this was a for sale sign) or double corrugated card-board would work, zip-ties, Thin Bungee Cord (I have seen it in shoe-store as lazy/athletic shoe-lace, in craft-store for whatever, and I yanked this one off an old back-pack before I donated it to good-will a few years back, the clasp was already on it. You could use various things for the hook, but I have used scrap HVAC strapping(holds hvac equipment and duct-work in place, common in commercial and residential, so I needed duct-tape to scratch-stop.

meet the iPad Headboard Boom
- custom versions should cost under $20(even if you had to buy shelf-bracket,wood,bungee) if you were creative, resourceful, and if you are a "I think this is cool i'll save it" person like me it could cost you nothing. You can see what I have used but the whole thing could have been made out of 1x4's save the iPad holder. Two people can watch and control the device. the device can be removed easily and stored, and most importantly it fits any case and tablet(just poke some more holes!) or just the device.

Notes on the HEAD-BOARD
..... this one was inspired by HGTV and derived from and inflatable where we popped the inflatable part...
[Simply cloth stapled over batting stapled over 1" foam-board glued over 1" plywood. It is hinged at 10 degrees to be ergonomic for old-school reading.  About 5" from the top of the head-board are hinged strips of plywood(scrap) running to the ground. The mattress simply pinches the legs. There is a spacer between the bottom of the head-board and the middle of the leg to earn the tilt.]  You will need to customize one maybe two parts of this device. The HOOK I have created could be un-screwed and a medium sized utility hook could be screwed directly in the end of the 2x4, just pre-drill when sinking large screws. The shelf bracket is small,(was also laying around the garage) pretty enough, & uniquely perfect for the job but we needed more surface area to avoid damaging the head-board's foam board layer. That was where the 10" piece of 1x4 comes in. You'll need to think and create to keep from damaging your furniture]

Step 1 - Read the instructable and the pictures and look at your head-board, and gather materials.

Step 2 - Cut some wood at 25" long, 10" long, cut on at a 45 about 8" long.
              Cut a sheet good that isn't too thick to 9.5"x7..5"(approx iPad shape) or the shape of your tablet.

Step 3 - Attach the Shelf-Bracket to the wood as needed.

Step 4 - Start screwing things together.

Step 5 - Poke holes in the corrugated material as needed using a closed pair of scissors twist and thrust from both sides trimming and sharp or problematic spots but the stretched edge is actuall less sharp than the cut edge so think about it.

Step 6 - ZipTie the iPad Holder on the viewing member. Use short screws to slip-stop the zip-ties.

Step 7 - Thread the bungee as shown leaving enough space to slide two fingers under the ceiling side or pretty side if one side of your material has a lot number on it or the name of a farm. If you don't have the perfect length or a clasp you can substitute some string and make fixed knot. All-Bungee is Best and will make adjusting the clasp or even having a clasp unnecessary :-)

Step 8 - Measure the thickness of the head-board and attach the bent strap accordingly. I used a hard-edge to bend the strap at a perfect 90. I did not screw the strap down hard enough to pinch the 3 layers on purpose to preserve the integrity of the strap. Invent your own hook or strap or just screw the darn thing in. You could even skip the head-board all-together and flip the strap over, drill a big hole in it and pop a nail in a stud leaving about 3/16 sticking out.

Good Luck -