IPad Stand From Nuts & Bolts



Introduction: IPad Stand From Nuts & Bolts

About: Retired from biotechnology company, PhD in Biochemistry (MIT).

This elegant iPad stand is easy to assemble from common hardware components. It has a front and a back for holding the iPad, Kindle, or other eReader in four orientations: portrait-upright, landscape-upright, portrait-inclined, or landscape-inclined. It doesn't obstruct your finger access to the Home Button or to the online keyboard. And it works with or without the power cord attached. You can disassemble the stand by hand to pack away for transport.

Replace the wood block with clear Plexiglass, and it will look like something you bought it at the Apple Store! Heads will turn when you pull it out at the internet cafe.

Step 1: Parts

2x 1/4" Stop Nuts (These could be regular nuts.)
8x 1/4" Washers (I used large, 1"-diameter washers, but regular 3/4" washers would do.)
2x 1/4" Wingnuts
1x Wood Scrap (Mine is 6" x 21/2 x 3/4".)
1x 2' of Polyethylene Tubing, ID 1/4" (This is stiffer than the more common Tygon tubing.)
1x Threaded Rod (1/4" x 36")

* The parts cost about $5.00

Tools needed
Hacksaw (for cutting the rod)
Knife (for cutting the tubing)
Drill (for the wood piece)
Wood saw (maybe) (for getting the wood scrap to size)

Step 2: Prepare the Wood Block

Cut the wood to size -- about 6" x 21/2" (150 mm x 60 mm). Use a washer, as shown to mark the hole position. Drill the holes (1/4" bit) and sand.

Step 3: Prepare the Rods

Cut the 1/4" threaded rod to make two 9" (230 mm) pieces. Smooth the ends so that the nuts can screw on.

Step 4: Cut the Tubing

Use a knife or tin snips to cut the tubing into 2x 1" (25 mm) and 2x 6" (150 mm) segments.

Step 5: Assemble

Assembe as in the picture.

Step 6: Disassemble for Transport

Disassembly is easy! No tools needed. And it's nice and portable.

Step 7: Enjoy

There are four ways to use this stand - check out the four pictures in this step. The washer-stops in the front don't get in your way, and the iPad can be held with or without the power cord attached.

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