IPad Stand From Shelf-track Material



Introduction: IPad Stand From Shelf-track Material

About: Retired from biotechnology company, PhD in Biochemistry (MIT).

This iPad stand is made from standard shelf-track material. The adjustable stand can hold an iPad, Kindle, or other eReader in either the portrait or landscape modes. It has a nice retro, industrial look, which counter-balances the high tech look of the iPad. The stand doesn't interfere with your typing fingers and there is room for operating with the power cord attached.

Step 1: Parts

4x #6  1/2" bolts
2x #6 nuts
2x #6 wingnuts
2x #8 3/4" bolts (for passing through the wood scrap)
2x #8 nuts
4x small angle brackets
1x wood scrap
1x shelf track piece, at least 18"
2x short tubing segments or rubber bumpers (to shield the bracket ends)
4x felt or rubber feet for the track bottoms

The parts cost about $7.00

Tools needed
hacksaw (for cutting the track material)
wood saw (for cutting the wood scrap to size)
nail set, awl, or nail (for enlarging the slots in the track)

Step 2: Prepare the Track Material

Use a hacksaw to cut the track material into two indentical 9" (230 mm) segments. You'll have to enlarge the slots slightly to receive the #6 bolts (see Picture 2). Don't try to drill them -- too dangerous. Instead tap in a nail set, awl, or nail and wiggle it a little. Use a block of wood (with a hole) so that you don't bend the tracks (see Picture 3).

Step 3: Prepare the Wood Block

Cut the wood piece to size. (Mine is 11/2 x 6" x1/2" (40 mm x 150 mm x 13 mm)). Preassemble the rack (Picture 2) to mark the hole positions (Picture 3). Drill the holes and sand the wood.

Step 4: Refinements

Cut down two of the brackets, and smooth the edges. Apply a rubber bumper or piece of Tygon tubing as in the picture. Install the trimmed brackets, and snip off and grind down the bolt extensions. Apply felt or rubber feet to the undersides of the tracks.

Step 5: Assemble

Assemble as in the picture. Decide upon your tilt angle. Assemble loosely at first, then tighten down the nuts and bolts.

Step 6: Disassemble for Transport

For transport, the rack disassembles -- nice and compact!

Step 7: Enjoy

The tilt angle is adjustable to suit your needs. At any position the iPad can be used in the portait or landscape position, with or without the power cord plugged in. If you trim the brackets as in Step 4, there won't be any obstructions for your fingers to reach the Home button or the on-screen keyboard.

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