Introduction: IPad Strap

Your on the subway reading a iBook, and listening to music, your mind a million miles away, when all of a sudden your iPad is pulled out of your hands, and the person, and your iPad shoot out of the closing doors, Your iPad lost forever!

         This goes through my mind every time I ride the NYC subway to work.

So I decided to make a strap, that would support the iPad, as well as prevent someone from pulling it from me on a train.

Step 1: Belkin Grip View Silicon Sleeve

Actually any iPad sleeve will work, I choose the Belkin grip view,
because I knew I would be modifying it and didn't care until my ultimate case came along.
Here is the link for one:

Step 2: Building the Mount

The parts are pretty simple, A strap 12" long - but you can custom measure for your own hand / comfort allowing the iPad to move freely and your hands can reach anywhere on the surface.

A flat head screw, and a grommet washer, a small washer and a flat locking nut.
(the flatter and the wider the better) a pliers, brad all and some HEAT

Step 3: Holy IPad Batman!

Using a grommet hole puncher put a 1 1/6th hole thru the Silicon iPad cover
(I used a sharpie to mark direct center of the iPad, just the center of the apple)

Step 4: Preparing the Strap

Once measured, I used a flame heated pliers, and brad all to make the hole, and bond the strap,
Being extra geeky, I used double stick foam tape (1/4") and black tape as re-enforcement.

Step 5: The Mount

I put the screw, and grommet thru the underside of the IPad cover

Step 6: Protecting the Apple Logo

I cut a piece of black electrical tape in a circle to prevent any scratching of the IPad base

Step 7: The Back

The screw can be actually shorter, I will one day dremel off the excess and use a thinner lock nut

Step 8: Complete

Adding the other washer, and lock nut, then adding a drop of crazy glue to make sure the nut doesn't loosen, the strap has a full 360 motion without snagging

Step 9: The Test

The iPad with the strap

Step 10: The Thief

Here someone is grabbing the ipad away

Step 11: The Result!

The theft was thwarted

The strap slipped up but wrapped around the person's hands to prevent it being grabbed, The wrist strap also prevents the iPad from being dropped, and it works for right handed or left handed people.