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Introduction: IPad2 Speaker Buddy

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For some reason, the speaker on the iPad2 is on the back of the device. Have you ever wished the sound of your iPad2 was louder, better or more direct? Do you cup your hand around the speaker to improve sound or privacy? This instructable started when my wife tried to play a video for her yoga class and nobody could hear the audio. The next time we were trying to watch a movie I fashioned a "SPEAKER BUDDY" so that the sound headed in our direction. The SPEAKER BUDDY is definitely an easy DIY project that improves sound, saves battery, and can shield sound away from eavesdroppers. The difference is amazing.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Step 2: Drawing the Shape

The dimensions running along the top of this piece of card-stock show the distance from the left edge although you could make yours bigger or smaller.
The width of the middle fold where it will not be cut, is 2", and after making about 20 of these I think you should stick with 2".

The rectangle in the middle is exactly 1.5" tall and .5" wide which is the same size of the speaker of the iPad2.
From the speaker I tapered the stem down to just one inch and then rounded the final 3/16" so it would be easy to insert.

Step 3: Almost Done

I have bent the device here so it was easier to photograph. All you need is a few small pieces of tape to shape it, and keep in mind that you want to sound to shoot out of the SPEAKER BUDDY at a 90 degree angle so the fold should be about 45 degrees.

Step 4: Looking Good! How Should You Tape It?

Using tape makes the SPEAKER BUDDY permanently 3 dimensional. If you travel a lot, you might want to take it with you, but flimsy and curvy isn't good. There are a couple of ways to make this device easy to travel with. If you cover the overlapping parts with tape prior to folding it, you can then tape it into its desired shape so the tape only contacts tape. In other words, if you tape onto tape you can peel off the tape without ruining the paper beneath. This is one way to make it so that you can travel with the iPad SPEAKER BUDDY. You might even be able to un-fold it and slide it inside your iPad case so that it will be there for you when you need it. Just make sure to put a few extra pieces of tape somewhere that you can un-stick when needed. Just fold a little bit of the end on itself. 

There is also another way to cut it that allows for folding and unfolding it without any tape.

Step 5: The Tape-less Version

Here is the aforementioned tape-less version that can easily be unfolded, and slid under the case or into a book for travel. 

Step 6: Other Photos

Now that I have made a few I don't even need to measure, all i need is a piece of scrap and some scissors or a knife.
I would love to see your version. Submit your pics!!!

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    7 years ago

    I made one similar but out of a milk jug it flexes so it can be left in place