Introduction: IPhone 4 Tripod Mount

introiPhone 4 tripod mountI wanted to have tripod mount for my iPhone4 to use video or Facetime. I have looked online and there are some price range $14-50 dollars with shipping. I do not find exactly what I need for my iphone because there is no durable and hold the iphone all four corners for vibration, bumping, or slide out accidentally. I plan to use the tripod do filming on motion. What I see only available out there only slide in. I do not trust that product and I can not afford to drop my iPhone4.

I had thought and I had a brilliant idea to create iPhone mount. I have extra lay around the free iPhone case cover from Apple. I bought years ago the L bracelet for camera mount for 50 cent. I am sure you can find online camera supplies or go local camera stores that sell very cheap the adapters, L bracelet camera mount or whatever.

You will need simple few items:

Iphone4 case cover.L bracelet for camera.
Tripod.A drill and drill bits
A screw driver.Electrical tape
Plier or nose plier

It only took me 10 minutes to drill and screw them on L bracelet and iPhone4 case cover. Then I can set my iPhone on my tripod vertical or Horizontal for videoing and Facetime. I can set the iphone vertical or Horizontal perfect level by using the free apps iHandy level. It works perfectly and level.

I am very happy with it.

More coming for DIY iPhone Steady Cam and Len mount when I will have a chance. I will post them.  

Step 1: IPhone4 Case

You will need iPhone4 case that I used for building the tripod mount. You can also use two pieces close case for your iPhone4 that will work the same way. You can buy iPhone4 case any where at ATT store or at Best Buy or at Apple store or anywhere they sell. 

 I made the determine where I want to mount the L bracelet on the iPhone4 case. I put 2x4 lumber beneath for me drill through.

Step 2: L Bracelet for Tripod and IPhone4 Case Holder

What I use this L bracelet that has adapter for tripod and hold the camera. I found it at camera store years ago that I bought for 50 cent. I am sure you can find any camera store or search google and find them online stores that sell cheap the L bracelet.

I use the Plier to break off the plastic round housing on metal L frame. I do not need that knob and plastic round housing any more because my tripod already have screw to hold the L bracelet. Be careful to break off the plastic and you want to save 4 small screws that you want to re use them again for next step.

Step 3: Decide Where to Mount L Bracelet on Iphone4 Case

That is where I wanted to mount and I made 4 holes by my drill. I drill slowly the smallest drill bits first and then sightly larger holes to fit the four screws in.

Step 4:

See where the screws are set as to test. I put them together and retighten them. It looks professional and durable.

Then I put electrical tape on back of iPhone4 case over the screws to prevent scratches on my iPhone4. 

Step 5: Done!

Done. it can be mount on any tripods or flex tripods or mount on anything for motion videoing.
It is strong and very durable. No shaking or fall out from the case.