IPhone Dock for Car and Table

Introduction: IPhone Dock for Car and Table

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need... 1)An iPhone Case (Make sure it's your iPhone model case) 2)Clothes Pin 3)Small Cord 4)Drape binder 5)Small squared shape piece of tape

Step 2: Attaching

For this step you'll need the Clothe Pin and the curtain binder, then place the curtain binder on the top of the Pin Then tie both of them with the small cord.

Step 3: Phone Case

Take your Phone case and in the back of it stick the small piece of tape as shown in the picture, the purpose of the piece of tape is to protect the case in case that you want to remove it or replace it.

Step 4: Last Step

In this step your will attach the case to the Pin applying glue to the piece of tape in the phone case and also applying it in the bottom of the Curtain Binder Then just place your Phone in there and hang it on the car dashboard. And that's how it should look

Step 5: Finish

Hope u liked this instructable, any questions or suggestions in comments.

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