Introduction: IPhone Dock Using CDs

iPhone dock using some old CDs with some basic tools.

Step 1 - Stack few old CDs, I used 8 here depending on the iPhone connector height. Glue all of them together using super glue.

Step 2 - Measure the iPhone connector and mark it on the CD place to be cut, Since my dremel was broken I used an soldering gun side to cut through the sides of the center.

Step 3 - I made these using the soldering gun , do keep a check at the connector so that you don't over cut /burn it.

Step 4 - Push the connector and check if it sits in the housing properly and with the help of super glue attach it to the CD 

Step 5 - This is how it will look after gluing the connector.

Step 6 - Now fill in the gap by using fevicol or atta dough as this will act as a strong wall for the connector.

Step 7 - Gaps are filled , don't forget to block the bottom with tape so that the glue does not over flow or dirty the place.

Step 8 - At the bottom of the CD stack , drill or burn a groove along the CD so that the usb cable can hide inside and tape it and later take another CD and glue the bottom.

Step 9 - Let the glue and paint dry for a while meantime you can sip in a hot cup of tea/coffee.

Step 10 -  And this is how the old CD dock would look and you are ready to use this.

Step 11 - Just hook up your iphone/ipod/ itouch (not for ipad as his would not take the weight and just topple )and plug in your laptop and you are good to go.

Step 12 - The finished recycled CD iPhone Dock.