IPhone Frequency Generator With Power Supply

Introduction: IPhone Frequency Generator With Power Supply

The Frequency Generator with Power Supply is a modification of the Laser Communicator project. This device allows DC current to pulse at the desired frequency set by the frequency generator software. The frequency generator software can also be found as apps on Android and IOS(shown here). Frequency generators may also be known as function generators, signal generators or tone generators.

This is another project that I am working on hopefully it will be out soon.


Step 1: Materials List


1. Audio Output Transformer

2.TRS Connector(Audio Jack)  You will connect it to your headphone jack in your Cell phone, Computer etc.

3. Battery and Battery Connector (3-9v tested)

4. Frequency generator software(tone generator software) I have listeds ome free ones below.

iOS: FreqGen, Oscillator lite

Android: TrueTone, FuncGen Signal Generator

PC: Burninwave Generator

Mac: I don't have a mac but here are some you could try


Step 2: Set-Up

Make sure power supply is off before making connections!

1. Connect the white wire of the audio jack to the white wire of the audio output transformer.

2. Connect the red wire of the audio jack to the red wire of the audio output transformer.

3. Connect the red wire(positive) of the power supply to the blue wire of the audio output transformer.

4. Connect black wire(negative) of power supply to the load( whatever you are powering).

5. Connect green wire(positive) of audio output transformer to the load 

6. Connect audio jack to phone, computer etc, and run software;  then select desired tone.

7. turn the power supply on( attach battery)

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    It can, you can try using a home/car amplifier to get more power to the coils. Thanks


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the instructable. I'm wondering if something like this could be used to make a poor man's Rife machine/zapper? Please let me know.


    11 years ago on Step 2

    Hi, thats why in #3 of the materials list it states 3 - 9 volts tested. I tested it starting form 3 volts all the way up to 9 volts. You don't have to use 9 volts, thanks


    11 years ago on Step 2

    How the heck does this work? I see the transformer stepping up the 5 v from PC audio jack..then competing with the 9v battery...This doesn't make sense.. You need to put in an audio amp or some transistors to amp up the 9v battery...lol.