Introduction: IPhone Gameboy Casemod

A couple of weeks ago, news of an iPhone case with the image of a gameboy came out of Japan. Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea, but no one could find a place to purchase them. Looking at my own iPhone in a clear Agent18 case I decided to make my own.

You'll Need:
" My template
" An iPhone (white works best)
" A clear iPhone case (I recommend Agent18 but others will work too)
" Scissors
" Pencil
" Hole-punch (optional)

Step 1: Download the Template

Download the Gameboy template I created here. There are two images on the page (standard Letter size) so if your first attempt at cutting the image to fit your case goes wrong, you get another chance.

Step 2: Rough Cuts

Cut out one of the game boy images along the dotted line. If you've got a white iPhone, and you print on really bright white paper, you can save yourself the trouble of cutting out the hole for the camera by cutting straight across the top of the gameboy's "LCD screen". There are thin solid white lines on the template to show you where to trim. If you're going to cut a hole for the iPhone's camera I suggest a hole-punch.

Place the image inside your clear iPhone case, with the image facing out. With a pencil, trace along the edge of your case to mark where you'll do your final cuts. This might take a few tries. Take the paper out and trim the sheet little by little until you get the edges of the paper to match the contours of your case.

Step 3: Enjoy!

If you've got any pencil lines left over, you can gently erase them. Take your time with this, and using an exacto knife for the fine trimming might help. I tried three times before I was happy with the fit.

Because there are different versions of iPhone clear cases out there, I can't give you a more precise line for cutting, but its really not that hard. I used the Agent18 Clear case and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid case. If there's enough demand, I'm thinking of selling pre-cut stickers for those who don't use an iPhone case or don't want to do this tutorial themselves. Contact me at with any questions or tips!