Introduction: IPhone HomeMade Telephoto Lens

About: Electronics hobbyist and a DIYer and i love doing this stuff.

Step 1: Lens Source / Material / Tools Needed

I used lenses for this project from my old film projector (1960's model),since it consist 4 major lenses,.i still got 3 left lenses.,so i decided to build my home made Telephoto Lens for my old iPhone 4
Lenses needed:
15 mm Plano Concave for eyepiece
38 mm Plano Convex
Materials @ tools needed:
X Acto knife
EVA Foam
Rubber cement
Cardboard for pattern making
Plastic funnel
Sharp bread knife
Attached here: different type of lenses.

Step 2: Lens Housing

I used plastic funnel for this project,made a trial & error with the lenses to achieve zooming an object at a distance first.Make a layout pattern with measurements based on my tests.Cut the funnel according to layout i made.,as shown in images.Then attached the eyepiece in its own pre built bezel.& run a test again.,Until you achieve zooming an object,this is the most interesting part of the project was "the lens test"

Step 3: Objective Lens

With 38 mm plano convex lens,.cut a EVA foam accordingly to its diameter adding 3mm to its dia,.an allowance for lens placement.I was planning to use the original metal housing for this project,.but it failed me,.due to its layers built inside it,.The lenses would achieve to zoom but burried in the middle of the original housing,.

Step 4: Eyepiece Alteration

I covered some area of the eyepiece lens to match the iphones camera..without the cover.,optical zooming was still achieve but the picture had a lot of glare ,.i think its because of the eyepiece.,& covering give much better result.

Step 5: The Result

You can see in the image how would the lens be if it was placed in the original housing,.And you can see the finish project in diff views.

Step 6: Test Shots

Indoor testing shooting my helmet in 12 ft away with Telephoto Lens attached versus Standard shot with no digital zoom

Step 7: Telephoto Lens IPhone Clip

Fun part,doing the layout pattern.
Cutting the pattern on foam accordingly.
To ensure keeping the objective lens from dust & scratches,.better to make a cap to cover it when not in use.,.

Last image: iphone attached on my home made mobile tripod in 2012

Step 8: Outdoor Test Shots

On first image : standard shot with Telephoto Lens attached w/o digital Zoom enhancement.
On 2nd image: standard iphone shot no lens attachement & w/o digital zoom set.,

All image are shot at distance of 70 mtrs

Step 9: Outdoor Shooting Moving Object

First image: standard shot on T.Lens attached No Digital zoom enhancement.
2nd image: cropped the first image shot on T.Lens,.to notice the resolution loss.

Image shot at 50 mtrs away.

Step 10: More Tests

Image 1 : standard shot no T.lens attachement
Image 2: standardshot w/ T.Lens attached
Image 3: with T.lens attached with Digital Zoom at 50 %.

Distance shot at 12 ft away.

Step 11: Last Test

This morning ,.i give one last test .,this time shooting farther distance & try to manipulate the image captured by editing it directly on iPhone apps,..for me to see the difference.,I didn't record distance data,.i wasn't able to use google maps to calculate the distance for me at that moment,.
Seing the result this morning,.brings me joy.
Attached on this final step were the images taken on T lens followed by the cropped &@ edited images...which give much better result just by adjusting the Brightness,Contrast,& Saturation of the images...;