Introduction: IPhone Lego Stand

About: Im trying to do paracord and I love it I will do do for y'all

hi im making a phone stand and you can connect your charger too

Step 1: Parts

2 round 2x2 Lego and 2x10 2 red 1x6 white 2 Legos 2 1x8 grey Lego 3 6x8 green platform 1x1 2 round white Legos 4x4 hook part 4x12 grey platform 4x5 black hook atach grey platform 2 thick white 1x6 and 1x8 white

Step 2: Base

One green 6x8 and 2 2x10 red Legos

Step 3:

Add 4x10 and 2 1x8 Legos and 2 1x6 one 2 1x1 round Legos one the1x8 on the ends and 1x8 on top

Step 4:

One green platform on bottom

Step 5:

Make the connect hook thing on the long grey one

Step 6:

Add that to the bottom

Step 7:

Add the other one to the green platform

Step 8:

Connect both hooks and bend and put your phone on and slide your cord through the 1x4 on the bottom and have fun