Introduction: IPhone Tripod Mount

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Today, I’m going to show you how to make a very simple iPhone tripod mount that will cost you next to nothing.

The iPhone has a great camera and the new IOS 8 has this great feature that allow you to shoot time-lapses.

The only problem is that to make great time lapse footage with your iphone, you’ll need to fix it on a tripod - and the iphone itself is not designed to be mounted on a tripod, the way a regular camera is.

So... to fix this problem we gonna make a Simple DIY Tripod Mount.

It will work with iPhone6, iPhone5, iPhone4 and any other smartphone.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

For this project you gonna need: a binder clip, a wide rubber band and a ¼ 20 nut.
To assemble the mount, you’ll also need: sandpaper, flux, solder, a pencil and a barbecue torch lighter.

Step 2: Preparing the Clip

First, remove all the paint from the bottom of the clip. This is easy to do with sandpaper. Keep sanding until you have bare metal on the bottom of your clip.

Step 3: Soldering

In order to solder the ¼ inch nut to the bottom of the clip, you’ll need to fix the clip to your workstation so it stands vertically with the bare metal bottom up.Here I’m using another, bigger clip as a stand.

Next, you need to apply Flux, this will help the solder stick to the metal. I’m applying it on both the clip and the nut.

Now take a piece of solder and wrap it around a pencil, so that you make it in the shape of a ring. Then, place the ring in between the nut and the clip. You can use the pencil as a helper to adjust the position of the nut. Take your barbecue torch lighter and begin heating up the solder. You’ll want to spread the heat from the torch as evenly as possible around the nut, so keep rotating the clip.

Once the ring of solder has melted under the nut you can add more solder on the sides as needed.

Step 4: Looks Good? Not Yet =)

Step 5: Adding Rubber Padding

But you’re not done yet. In order to protect your iphone, we’ll add rubber padding to the clip so doesn’t scratch your phone and increases the gripp.

I used a wide rubber band, like the ones you find wrapped around broccoli. First, with the clip, clamp the rubber band right in the middle and wrap the looped ends over the sides of the clip so it stretches over the metal edges - and that’s it, the rubbing padding is secure.

Step 6: You Are Done!!!

You’re done! To use it, just clip it to your iphone and screw it on to your tripod.

Now go out there and make your standing time lapses and videos with your new, DIY iphone tripod mount.

Step 7: Final Step =)

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