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Introduction: IPhone/iPod Touch Tripod Mount!

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On October 14th, 2011, I picked up my iPhone 4S at 8AM. It was the best 3 hours that I wasted waiting in line. Ever since I have been shooting videos and pictures with it! Even with a DSLR at hand I prefer to use my iPhone. With the new 8mp camera, 1080p video recording, and its amazing camera quality, It's great! However, I really wanted to be able to use a tripod to shoot photos and videos.

Now, I could have ordered one on eBay, however, I'm very impatient, so I decided to make my own!


I strongly recommend you only use this with a case on your phone.

Every picture was taken with an iPhone 4S.

Here's a video that has footage from my iPhone with its tripod mount: Its FUN!

Step 1: Materials...

Step 1: materials:
coat hanger wire
- Used to make a cradle for your iPhone.

1/4 inch nut
- This is used to mount to the tripod.

block of wood
- This will connect the cradle to the the nut.

hot glue & gun
- This stuff is awesome...

For the coat hanger wire, you can use what ever thick wire you have laying around... make sure it is sturdy and very hard to bend.
The block of wood doesn't have to be very large, 1 inch square is perfect. You can also substitute other things for your mount.

Step 2: Make the IPhone Holder

  • Cut a length of wire 3-4 times the length of your case.
  • Cover both ends with hot glue, to protect your phone.
  • Bend a inch wide u shape into your wire.This should be in the middle.
  • Then, depending on the height of your case, bend the two wire ends downward.
  • Traveling down the width of your iPhone, add another bend.
  • Then add to more smaller bends. These bends help keep the phone in place.

It is crucial that your iPhone in snug in this cradle.

Step 3: Finishing It All Up!

  • take your wood block and glue a 1/4 nut in the bottom portion of it. This will be used to mount in to your tripod. I suggest using a lot of glue so that it stays sturdy.
  • Then glue the wire cradle to your wood block. Now the cradle that you created an be mounted onto a tripod, or any other mounting device ( monopod, gorilla pod, etc...)
  • Now you can just slip in your iPhone!

Step 4: Usage!

  • To use your iPhone Tripod, insert the phone with the lens on the bottom, or the volume buttons facing the sky.
  • You can use the + volume button to snap a picture
  • Also, for a steady picture, you can use the + volume button on your headphones.
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