Introduction: IPhone/iTouch + IPod Stand From IPhone Box

As you can see, this is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is remove the guts from the inner box and cut a few slots for the ipod/iphone/whatevs to fit in there snugly.

Much like this one here: only a bit cleaner looking. You could put a mini usb hub in there if you wanted, but mine just runs both cables out.

Step 1: Where to Make Cuts...

For each device, cut down each corner about 1/4", and mark a second cut the width of your device toward the middle. These flaps can either be cut or folded and secured. (I taped mine).

For the charge cables: Set your device in its newly cut cradle (on top), and see where the charge cable lines up. Make cuts on either side, and make the cuts at least half the depth of the cardboard. This is so that the device stands more upright and so the charge cable has space to hang freely.

See picture for more obvious explanation. :D The second picture shows the corner cuts better.

Step 2: Cut Hole in Back...

Cut a small hole in the back. It only has to be big enough to fit the end of one USB cable and the other cord while inserting. I just used an exacto knife.

Step 3: Completing.

Slide the charge cables into the box, and have them sticking out a bit. Stuff the leftovers into the back.

So now you can put the inner box in the outer box, and angle it to your heart's content.

I secured it with black electrical tape as to not mess with the decor :P