Introduction: IPod Case Decoration

Cute way to jazz up you ipod case

Step 1: What You Will Need

-ipod case with clear back
-fine tip pen,pen,pencil

Step 2: Photos

Get some photos of the Internet (aka Google images ) and make them like the photo I don't know how big it is. It has to be on 100% and sorry for the blurryNess but it should be like the photo

Step 3: Photo

Pick any photo that you have printed out

Step 4: Cut Out

Once you have chosen the photo you are going to out line the front and back of it

Step 5: Outline

Once you have finished the out line you are going to put you ipod on the paper in the box

Step 6: Out Line

Then you are going you outline the camera hope and the button hole that pops up and outline around the iPod case in pencil

Step 7: Cut Out

Then when you are finished doing that you are going to cut out the iPod case

Step 8: What It Should Look Like

Once you are finished cutting it out it should look like this and since I have put this on another back ground am going to cut the tie-dye bit off

Step 9: Poke Holes

Then where the camera and wrist band holder is , you are going to poke one hole in each so it is easier to cut out . I just took a cardboard box and poke the he into it

Step 10: Finished Poking the Holes

Once you have finished poking the holes it should look like this and then cut them out

Step 11: Put It Onto the IPod

Then once you have cut it out you are going to put it into your iPod case and fit it .if there is any bits sticking out of the case you are going to cut them and put it back into the case.

Step 12: Finished

So there you go a cute case for you.
You can back it with all clear case it just means you will have to make the picture bigger so it will fit .
Please tell me if you made it and send me pictures thanx ❤️