Introduction: IPod Dock in a Toy

Its a dock in a toy( a munny, a monkey looking plastic toy made to be costomized, there $20 at this "how to" will save you about 20 dollers from the apple ipod dock and is on a whole nother level of cool.

Step 1: Materials

Time: 1 Hour

Stuff You Need
1 munny
2 iPod cord
3 exacto
4 duck tape
5 lighter
6 thin and durable cardboard or something like that
7 strong glue

Step 2: Cutting Holes

First you need to cut the holes for the cord to go through, to do this take the lighter and hold the flam about a inch or a little closer from the area for about 20 sec, if it starts to get black or if smoke comes off STOP and hold the lighter farther away. The holes have to be big so the usb plug can fit through.

On top of the neck of the munny's body

On the bottom of the munny's head

On the munnys butt, not on the with the tale because the body will be turned around( i didnt mean to but it on the side with the tail, the front).

The hole where the iPod goes in is very important, start small and work out, mark with a pencil where you are going to cut and make sure it is where you want it. When you are done make sure the iPod slips in.

Step 3: Build the Dock

The next step is the cord.
You need to take the plastic shell off of the end that plugs into the iPod, sorry but I don�t have any pics of this
When you press the buttons on the cord it pulls in 2 little prongs that lets the iPod come off, you need to take some pliers and bend these 2 prongs back and down out of the way. Now the iPod should slide on and off the end of the plug.

Now you need to make the dock its self

You need to cut a piece of cardboard or whatever you are using the same with as the iPod. Now you need to take the iPod and plug it into the cord, lay it down on top of the piece you just cut out and see the distance from the bottom of the plug to the cardboard, should be about 3 mm, and then take off the iPod. Between the plug and the card board put a spacer the size of the gap you just looked at, I just piled up some cardboard pieces. Now tape it all together with duck tape, lots of duck tape.

Step 4: Finishing

Now slid it into the head until it hits the bottom, the back of the plug should hit first.

Slide in your iPod and see if it slides into the plug and test on a computer to see if it works, if not, take the dock out and readjust it.

Cut off the excess cardboard and glue the back against the edge of the hole.

And your off!