IPod Shuffle Organizer From Recycled Gift Card




Introduction: IPod Shuffle Organizer From Recycled Gift Card

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I was sure I saw an Instructable for one of these previously, but could not find it when I went back to look for it.  If you authored an Instructable for this already, let me know, and I'll link it here.

Anyway, this is a pretty simple one.  All you need is an iPod shuffle, an old gift card, a ruler and an Exacto knife.

Cut the card as shown on the dimensioned diagram.  Note that the depth of the slots that the ear bud / headphone cord sits in are critical.  You want the ear buds to end up in the right location to be clipped in place by the belt clip on the iPod. 

Once you have the card cut, slip the iPod on it, and wrap up the headphones as shown.  Clip the ear buds under the iPod's belt clip to secure.

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    9 years ago

    This is very useful and creative! I love this idea! Keep up the good work