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Introduction: IPod Simplest Cover

The iPod video is so scratchy, so if you lost its sleeve (as I did) this may be a very fast and easy replacement.

My pictures may be a bit blurry (2.0 Mp n70 cam)

Step 1: What You Need?

All you need are the two main components + tools:

1) The Material, I used the "Blackout Curtain" cloth, which I had excess after making the curtain.
2) The Binder, I used "Staples", (Sewing would be much better, but it's not that easy for me)
A ruler,
A pencil,
A cutter.
These are the basic for a plain cover, but to give more taste you may need to print something on the cloth before doing any further steps.

Step 2: Printing If Needed.

It's not a big deal but it spices up the plain cover.

Do what ever you like, but for more help this image fits perfectly for a video 5th gen iPod (a full day of measuring plus trials which mostly failed). I've sized it to be printed on a regular A4.

I've also attached a word document which I printed for this project.

I used a conventional hp printer F2200 it's not a super printer but it did the job.

Step 3: Stapling

After Printing, fold the cloth, folding at 0.6 from the left margin is necessary for aligning the printed buttons and wheel with the iPod buttons and wheel.

then make a reference line for aligning the staples, in order that the staples are at 0.6 or 0.7 Cm apart from the right side of the printed front of the iPod.

Make one or two staples for a try then try fitting the iPod and check if it's tight enough or not.

also make a reference line for aligning the staples, in order that the staples are at 0.6 or 0.7 Cm apart from the bottom side of the printed front of the iPod.

It usually takes about 7 Stalples form the right side and 4 staples from the bottom, or only two for conncecting

next you could cover them or color them. but for me, I left them as they are.

Step 4: General Dimensions

dimensions, as shown 15.5 Cm for the width and 11 Cm for the height,

These dimensions are for the finished cover, you may use larger ones then trim the excess.

I'm not responsible for any more scratches due to staples but honestly it wont scratch it :)

I hope it was helpful, it's my first one, I'll be happy to read any comment.

.......... Thank you

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Simple, yet imaginative! I LOVEE IT! Personally, i modified the design myself so that it would fit my ipod nano, but on the whole, GREAT JOB!!!