IPod Touch 4th Gen Charge Port

Introduction: IPod Touch 4th Gen Charge Port

This is how I remove and install the 4th gen charge ports. This guide picks up once the board is out of the frame.

Step 1: First Remove Board From Frame

I'm assuming you already have the board removed from the frame and ready for the port removal. I use peel able solder mask to protect all surrounding components.

Step 2: Removal

I add chip Quik flux to all pins and anchor then use a low temp solder with my iron to add it to each pin. It helps for removal.

I then use hot air to remove the port - my station is set to 650F with a low air flow and a 3mm nozzle.

Step 3: Hot Air Works Best

One port Is removed clean all of the holes out with flux and solder and some Wic. Get it prepped for new port to be installed.

Step 4: Install New Port

I add lots of flux

Place port in place and tack the anchors down

Then one by one solder each pin.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    would it be possible to put in a lightning connector instead? just for charging, data transfer would be done over wifi


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I doubt that. All of the devices that use the Lightning style Connector use a different charging circuit. I mean there might be a way to splice a usb cable into the charging pins but it would take even more time then it's worth. As you can see in the pics there isn't much room there for mods. I'll be making more instructibles on how to repair other devices. I do this for a living and microsolder for shops all over the country.