Introduction: IPod Touch Dock for the Car.

I didn't see many instructables to make a 'dock' for an iPod Touch for in car use so I figured I'd make one. This is my first Instructable but I am not new to modding. When I set out to do this, I had a pretty clear idea in my head and it turned out bang on with what I was looking for; something to hold my iPod Touch securely while I drive and a place to hide my input/aux. cable. The total cost for this was less than $5 since I had everything I needed. I just had to pick up some Velcro.

Step 1: Supplies

The items I used are the iPod Touch, the plastic case it came in, a 6' input/aux. cable and some Velcro.

Step 2: Holes

First, take the bottom, or largest section of the plastic iPod case and drill two holes big enough to fit at least one end of the input/aux. cable into them. One hole should be at the bottom close to the iPod's headphone jack. It doesn't really matter where the other hole goes, it is just a matter of preference. For my vehicle, it was best to have both beside each other on the bottom. Then insert one end of the input/aux. cable into one hole from the outside of the case and pull the same end through the other hole from the inside of the case.

Step 3: Cut Outs

Next, take the piece that the iPod Touch and notice that where it clips in the power/stand by button and the headphone jack are covered. Put a mark on both sides of the power/stand by button far enough apart that you can push the button. Then cut out the plastic between the marks. If it is too small or too rough, use some sand paper to make it to your likings.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the last step for the headphone jack.

Step 5: Glue

Next you will need to use your favorite gluing method to hold the two pieces together. I used a hot glue gun because it is quick and easy. Make sure that the cable is still in the bottom part with each end sticking through a hole.

Step 6: Cable Management

Once the glue is dry, you can push the cable up inside the case and you can pull it out as needed. This is a great way to keep things neat, compact and tangle free. Just make sure you don't push one of the ends through the hole like I did because it is a real pain to get it back through.

Step 7: Velcro

You can use any method of fastening as you see fit. I used Velcro because it is fairly strong, strong enough to hold an iPod anyway. Plus it isn't permanent like a big screw hole in the dash. Next, finf a good spot that is well in reach to be easily used and place your Velcro on the case. I had to put it on the back and the top because of the location I chose. Make sure the Velcro is stuck down well on the case and the surface and you are good to go.