Introduction: Turn Your IPod Touch Into a WiFi Phone

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Ever wish you could call and text on your nifty iPod Touch?
With just 2 apps, you can completely turn your iPod to a iPhone with no monthly cost.

** This will ONLY work in a Wi-Fi area. this will not substitute a mobile cell-phone in anyway, so only expect it to be used at-home or at that computer-illiterate person's home who hasn't pass-protected their Wi-Fi. **

This is handy for replacing a home-phone or helping save on prepaid cell-phone minutes, though.
Or if you lose your phone. Which happens to me more then a lot.

Step 1: Calling - VoIP

With the VoIP app, you can make local call for no charge at all, and even international charges aren't  expensive at all. In fact, the majority of us doesn't even make international calls. Even the app costs nothing, so you have nothing to lose if you don't like it!

App name: iCall free VoIP
Company: iCall inc.
Cost: FREE
Space required: 1.9mb

** NOTE:  Only iPod 3G have built-in microphones. If you have a 1G or 2G iPod Touch, you have to buy a microphone that fits in the headphone jack. You can buy a nice one at RadioShack for only about $10 though. **

Other apps that work: TextPlus with Voice handy, becuase it also features texting.

Step 2: Texting - TextNow

TextNow is a simply amazing texting app. Since I use a prepaid phone, I save A LOT of $$$ by using this app instead of my phone at home. No charge at all (except for the 99 cents needed to download it) In fact, there's a lite version to test out just to make sure it's something you want to spend a dollar on.

App name: TextNow - Unlimited Free Texting (SMS)
Company: Enflick, Inc
Cost:  $0.99
Space required: 9.7mb

Other apps that work: TextPlus, TextFree

Step 3: There You Have It!

Your iPod Touch is now a fully functioning Wi-Fi Phone. Text and Call for no charge, all you need is Wi-Fi. Enjoy!

TextPLUS with Voice features texting and calling. However, I recommend using VoIP and TextNow or TextPlus. Not only is it prettier, VoIP is cheaper and better quality than textplus, and textplus texting SOMETIMES (but rarely) fails to recieve or send a text.