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Introduction: ISight Tripod Mounting Bracket

I always find myself taping down, propping up, or hanging my various web cams or my iSight camera from books, shelves, or boxes throughout the house- if i am doing a time lapse project or setting up a cam for video surveillance, this gets to be a big pain.

I needed something to hold various cameras where i wanted them, easily adjustable, and easy to move somewhere else without taping and tying.

So here we come to this VERY inexpensive, easy, ultra-functional bracket for various cameras that require special mounts ---for use with any TRIPOD.

Step 1: Gather Materials, Cut Plexi, and Get Ready to Heat and Bend.

Mark your plexi the approximate size you need. (The base should pretty much cover the tripod mounting bracket, and add about 2 extra inches length for the bend and the small lip.

Once the plexi is marked, cut it off, then mark for holes and folds.

Bend the small bend first, (this is going to fit inside the isight camera mount) and you will glue a separate smaller piece of plexi right under it later to add a little meat to this area.

Step 2: THE HOLES!

Mark the spots for the hole(s) (if you are using the bracket for more than just the iSight)

Drill the 7/32" holes.

Heat up your screw that you will be using to make the threads and turn into the holes... working back and forth until the metal cools a bit.

Step 3: Mount Up Your Cam or ISight.

Once holes have been "threaded" and materials have cooled, go ahead and give it a shot.
I took the laptop mount for the iSight and adjusted the tension screw to clamp onto the bend we made in the plexi... quite solid. works good, now you can adjust the rotation, height, tilt, etc... of the isight and since it's on a tripod you can adjust all that too.

The second pic here shows a smaller "bullet" style cam that i use sometimes, this is also a very solid mount and totally adjustable.

You could go nuts and add all sorts of clips and other screws to mount whatever you have, add different bends, different angles, etc...

Thanks for checking this out.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I have had manufactured a threaded steel disk that enables you to mount your iSight to a threaded tripod sled. You can affix the Apple plastic stand to the disk and the disk to the sled; or, you can use the disk alone and attach the magnetic mount.

    I have them for sale on eBay, item 160404303393, with several photos of applications.


    15 years ago on Introduction

    no way. iSights are built IN? what if you need to prop up the cam in a window facing outside and you still wanted to work on the computer?


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    I am sorry for the sarcasm but no need for it and just use an old monitor and keyboard


    15 years ago on Introduction

    I want to make a clamp tripod for my camera, that I can put in my pocket.