Introduction: ISimple Direct Wire FM for Toyota Seinna

My older 2003 Seinna head unit doesn't have an AUX input and the wireless monster iCarPlay FM transmitter sucks.
Rather than replacing the whole unit, the iSimple Tranzit seems to fit nicely.

Step 1: Parts Explained

Best Buy wants $120 with "basic installation"  included.

The instruction seems simple and it was a  2-item charge list,  so I requested to just paid for the unit it self ($60).  Package includes:

FM Modulators
1/2" power switch + cable
RCA to ipod audio cable
Mini-jack audit input jack

4' audit cable for non-iPod sources

Step 2: Pick a Spot to Mount Your Power Switch and Audio-in Jack

On my Seinna, the lower center console contains 4 blank rows and very close to the cig ligher.  I figure to run the iPod under the ash tray, so the ipod can sit in it nicely.

Just pull out the radio panel & label all connectors

Step 3:

Remove the radio, label all the connectors, and connect the Transzit antenna cable to it.

Step 4:

The cig lighter assembly can be pushed out from behind.

With all power --SHUT OFF --  remove the power plug, open the terminals & splice in the Tranzit power switch.

Step 5:

Drill a 3/8 thru the blank-switch and thread in the mini audio jack, then connect the cable to the unit also.

Before re-assembly, power up and check for any blown circuits.  Then dial in to either frequencies and test the iPod.     You'll need to adjust the gain level too.

Step 6:

The round, stock switch is a little too big for the blank panel, so I spring another $2 for a green-lighted switch and roto-zip an opening for it.

Step 7:

Reverse the whole process.   Tuck in the FM modulator behind any openings & tie-down loose cable.... that's it !

The volume won't be as loud as regular FM stations, but there's no static and damn it was fun doing it  !