Introduction: ITunes 11 in ITunes 10!

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I Love the new iTunes 11 on my 08 Macbook. The "add to up next" feature is SO handy and I enjoy being able to see all of my album artwork in one pane. Unfortunately Apple decided to drop PowerPc compatibility with the update. This saddened me as I frequently use my 03 flat-panel iMac for music. So I set out to copy the amazing and handy "Add to up next" feature and give the album artwork grid look that iTunes 11 has on iTunes 10.

Step 1: Go up to the menu bar and find the section marked "View". Under that heading you should find something that says "As Grid". Click on that. this arranges your album artwork like iTunes 11.

Step 2: To mimick the "add to up next" feature start by clicking on an album or song you want to play. Then hold down the "Command" key and select the next song or album. Keep doing this until you have all the songs you want. Then press "Play Selected" on one of your selected albums.

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