Iced Toddy

Introduction: Iced Toddy

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hey, this is my first instructable so hope ya like it, ive had to use stock photos but that shouldnt matter too much. I came up with this idea because I love whiskey but hot toddys were a bit too hot in the summer months, its simple but effective.

small disclaimer: it dont look pretty but it tastes great :-)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

you will need:
1. a shot glass of lemon juice
2. 2 shots of whiskey
3. 2 teaspoons of sugar
4. 3 teaspoons of instant lemon tea
5. a tiny amout of cinnamon and nuttmeg (optional)
6. a pint glass full of ice

to decorate use a couple mint leaves and a slice of lemon

Step 2: Make It

put all the ingredients (minus the mint leaves and the slice of lemon) into a blender. blend it until it looks like a slushy.

add the slice of lemon and the mint leaves just to make it feel a bit more fancy, I normally skip that part :-)

Step 3: Drink Up and Enjoy

to be honest the measurements I used are set to my taste, you might wanna tweak it a lil until you find the right balance for you

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