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This project involves an exposed light switch. Use extreme caution when doing this project around children.

The other day I saw a Lego light switch cover online and thought "hey that's a good idea". But it was not worth $10+ shipping. So I decided to make one of my own.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project you will need:
-Box of assorted Legos (at least one large plate)
-Regular light switch cover
-Something to mark the Lego plate (I used an exacto knife)

Step 2: Match Lego Plate to Cover

I compared the cover to all of my Lego plates and none of them were quite big enough, so I had to cut from a Lego mat. I would recommend not doing this because the mat is thinner and I noticed once it's on the wall it needs to be pretty stiff. But this was all I had.

Step 3: Mark Lego Plate

Next, I used an exacto knife to mark around the cover for the size. You can use whatever can show up on the Lego to mark it. I also made the marks slightly bigger than the cover just so I was in between two of the "nubs".

Step 4: Cut Plate Out

Now cut the plate out. I used a dremel, but you could used a sharp knife or a saw. After it's cut out the edges will be jagged, so it will need to be sanded.

Step 5: Mark for Holes

Next, line up the cover with the Lego, and mark for the two screw holes and the switch cutout.

Step 6: Cut Out

Last, drill the screw holes, and cut out switch hole. You can use an exacto knife or file for the jagged edges on the cut. You may also have to sand some off of the nubs next to the screws. After that your ready to mount it and start building!

Step 7: Enjoy!

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Ooo awesome. Been wanting to do something similar to this. But this Lego themed is really cute too. :) Anyways before you take off and put on the new face plate, do you shut off the electricity?

As you can tell its not my area of expertise. ;)

2 replies

Having been around this kind of thing a lot as a kid (my dad is a carpenter), here's my answer:

If all you are doing is changing the face plate, you probably don't need to shut off the power. The wires are insulated, and if the contractor who installed them had safety in mind, probably wrapped the sides of the switch with electrical tape.

However, if you see exposed metal on the hot wire (the neutral/ground won't shock you if the switch is off) or if you feel very uncomfortable working on a live circuit, then you should probably shut the breaker off.


5 years ago

Very cool. Will have to do this to my sons room......and ours! Wife is gonna love it!


5 years ago

Great idea; it is so cute....thanks for sharing


5 years ago

I don't think the edges make it look unfinished... Legos are square, if you rounded the edges of the plate it would just not look right. It looks perfect now.


5 years ago on Introduction

Cool idea. If you are worried about how much the Lego mat gives, you could back it with thin wood or a stiffer plastic.


5 years ago

That's a great idea!


5 years ago on Introduction

This is a very good idea! You could attach lego keychains to this too, so you always know where your keys are!

That looks like so much fun! I would have to change the LEGO blocks on it every day!