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This logo can be drawn in a short amount of time and is awesome.  

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Step 1: Gather

Step 2: Draw Out the Skeleton

1 Draw a line halfway on paper 
2 Sketch a oval  with some angle 
3 Draw another oval to the right of the old one also with angle
4 Draw the seven,but angle the stem backwards

Step 3: Top of the Gun

Draw a bar with a notch like the picture.

Step 4: Touch-Up and Add Details

In this step you will finish the zero's and make everything neat and nice. Make sure all of the lines are clean and erase all smudge and you're done! 

Step 5: Black-lining and Coloring(optional)

This step is optional. Take Your sharpie and trace the crisp drawing.  After you finish tracing erase the pencil so you only see sharpie.  Then take your colored pencil and color like a manic. Finally, you're done!!!!!!!

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