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Wire jewelries are fun to make! Even few months back I didn't think of making jewelries by myself, but now I've become a mad wire jewelry crafter! I was searching online for wire jewelry tutorials and found out so many. The funny thing is, once you start making them you'll come up with tons of ideas automatically! I made ten easy wire pendants in one hour. You can always search the internet for pretty designs.
In this instructable I will show you how to make all of these pendants as simply as possible. I tried to avoid unnecessary details and make the tutorials simple and easy.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Things you'll need to make these pendants:

  1. Craft wire - 16, 18, 22 gauge
  2. Craft pliers,
  3. Different kinds of beads.

Step 2: Wrapped Beads Pendant

This one's really easy.

Insert 3-4 beads into the wire through its open end.

Make a small loop at the open end to secure the beads.

Start wrapping the wire around the beads. Try to wrap the wire evenly around the beads.

After you're done wrapping, coil the wire below the first loop and cut off extra wire.

Attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

Step 3: Doodle Heart Pendant

This one is fun!

Hold the wire from an end and insert 3 small beads into it.

Make a small loop at the open end of the wire and wind the wire around the loop 3-4 times to make a swirly pattern.

After making the swirl push the beads towards the swirl and make a loop at the other end of the beads.

Keep 6-7 cm extra wire and cut off the wire from the bundle.

Make another small loop at the open end of the wire and make another swirl, slightly bigger than the previous one.

Attach a jump ring to complete.

Step 4: Woven Square Pendant

To make this pendant you'll need to make a small loop at the open end of the wire.

Draw a square pattern on a piece of paper to trace the wire and make sure you create a fine square.

Form a square shape using the wire and create loops in four corners of the square frame. Use looping pliers or a small round object to make the loops.

Don't cut the wire after forming the square frame, go around the first loop, creating another loop and reach for the 2nd loop (see picture), then the 3rd, 4th and returning to the first one.

Keep repeating the steps until you think it's complete (I made 3 rounds of squares).

I kept a little space in the middle of the pendant to attach a small wired bead and also attached 3 more small wired beads in 3 loops of the pendant(see picture).

Attach a jump ring and done!

Step 5: Loops and Swirl Pendant

You can simply follow the pictures to make this pendant. Draw the pattern on a piece of paper and trace the wire around the pattern to do it easier.

All you have to do is make several loops and a swirl shape at the end

To make the pendant look a bit more attractive I also attached a small teardrop bead with the swirly part.

You may attach a jump ring if you want to or use the first loop.

Step 6: Galaxy Inspired Pendant

Draw a galaxy theme pattern on a piece of paper, it'll be helpful in tracing the wire around the pattern.

Create a small loop at the end of the wire and hold the wire on its place (of the pattern on the paper).

Simply fold and trace the wire around the pattern until you reach the 1st loop again.

After reaching the end coil the wire 2-3 times below the 1st loop and cut off extra wire.

Attach a small wired bead in the center.


Step 7: Birds Nest Pendant

This one is very popular!

Hold the wire from an end without cutting the wire from the bundle. Insert 3 beads into the wire. Bring the beads inside the wire (16-18 cm inside).

Start wrapping the wire from both sides around the beads. After you're done wrapping take and tuck the wire behind.

Take a small piece of wire and wrap the wire nest from inside out 3 or 4 times (see picture). Tuck remaining wire behind the pendant (see 3rd picture of the 2nd collage).

Attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

Step 8: G-clef Pendant

This pendant is very sweet!

Hold the wire from an end and insert 3 small beads into it.

Make a small loop at the open end of the wire and wind the wire around the loop 3-4 times to make a swirly pattern.

Bend the wire to form a G-clef shape. After making the big curve of the G-clef do not complete the pendant yet. Hammer the swirls to flatten it. This will make the pattern sturdy.

Complete the G-clef pattern and it's done!

Step 9: Doodle Sun Pendant

Insert a small bead into the wire, keep it on the tip, do not thread it inside the wire.

Wind the wire around the bead 3-4 times to create a swirly pattern.

Bend the wire to 90 degrees and then again fold it to the opposite end to form a double wired straight pattern. Tighten the fold.

Similarly make more double wired straight patterns. I made 6 patterns.

After you're done making the double wired straight patterns, wrap the wire around the swirl.

Make a small loop and cut off extra wire. Done!

Step 10: Cute Dragonfly Pendant

Take a small piece of 16 gauge wire (4 inches or more). Bend it into half and thread a bead into it, then create 2 swirly shapes to make the antenna of the dragonfly. This will be the body of the dragonfly

Now take a long piece (6-7 inches) of 18 gauge wire, although the length of the cut out wire would depend on how large you want the wings to be.

Make the 4 wings the wings with the 18 gauge wire. Wrap the remaining wire around the body part.

After making the wings, use a different kind of wire (I used 22 gauge silver craft wire) to make another pattern inside the wings.
Attach a jump ring with an antenna to complete the pendant.

Wasn't that fun and easy? Enjoy crafting some!

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    42 Discussions


    2 years ago

    About how big was your square and about how much wire do you need for the woven square?


    2 years ago

    These made great Christmas ornaments on our small tree!
    I used 20 gauge brightly colored enameled copper wire.
    I'd suggest not using anything heavier than 18 gauge wire - mainly because that's pretty hard on your hands even if you have really good tools. Anything finer than 22 gauge won't be durable enough for every day wear unless your pendants are really small (24 gauge for earrings, perhaps!)
    A note of caution - working hard wire (like memory wire) will really tear up your wrists over time, if you're doing intricate bends like this. Look for soft wire instead.

    So fun and easy!!! I made a few for female family members who helped me plan and pull off my diy wedding. I did them in 20 gauge silver wire. Sorry forgot to take pics...

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    I love the butterfly pendant I'm defiantly going to make this!

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very Well Done! Wire is looking like a lot of fun to me right now...but alas - school, work, love! Prioritize is my new motto! This definitely goes in my Favorites: file for vacation!

    1 reply

    Thanks! wire jewelry making is so much fun :) you should give it a try, the best thing about wire jewelry making is that you'll always come up with new designs.

    SuzyMacYashfa Zafar

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I know huh? How generous & wonderful! Excellent presentation too; very easy to follow! Hope you post more Instructables - I am glad someone has the time now to help me plan for the day...One thing at a time Greeta! Can you tell I have been missing crafting? Yay! Thanks for this Beautiful Collection!!


    Ohhww, thank you *Blush* !! I'm sooo glad my crafting addiction turned out to be so helpful. ask any question about crafting without any hesitation, I'm always here (in instructables) to help :) will be posting more, stay tuned!