10 Life Hacks With Carabiners




Introduction: 10 Life Hacks With Carabiners

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10 Life Hacks with Carabiners


Lifehacks are great techniques, tricks, shortcuts, or novelty ways to use certain products in uncommon ways to make life easier.

We took what is commonly used in rock climbing and hiking and used them in some unusual ways. These hacks were tested and found to be useful in common everyday fashions. I hope you can benefit from some of these awesome life hacks.

Hacks Included:

1. Dog Leash Support

2. Car Bag Hanger

3. Tighten a Rope

4. Cabinet Lock for Kids

5. Belt Organizer

6. Sign Holder

7. Fake Chain Lock

8. Leash Clip Replacement

9. Wrench Organizer

10. Hair band Organizer and Hanger

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Step 1: ​Dog Leash Support

Dog Leash Support

If you walk your dog a lot, there is a good chance you have had the leash pulled out of your hand more than once.

Here is a great way to help prevent that from happening again.

First you will need a strong wrist band or bracelet.

I am using a Paracord Bracelet because of its flexibility and strength, but you can use anything that will not break easily.

I then tied another small length of paracord through the bracelet and through a Carabiner clip.

Make sure the knot is real tight.

I then clipped the carabiner to the dog leash handle.

Now if my dog decides to pull real hard, I still have the wrist band to stop the leash from getting away.


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Step 2: Car Bag Hanger

Car Bag Hanger

If you like to carry items in your car, like extra bottles of water, then you have hand the luck of searching under the seats to find those escapees.

I have tried putting the bottles in a bag, but after some driving, they can still roll out easily.

Now if you combine the bags with a Carabiner, you have a secure solution.

Just clip the Carabiner through the handle of the bag and then clip them onto the headrest supports.

Now you have easy access to the bottles even when you are behind the steering wheel.


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Step 3: ​Tighten a Rope

Tighten a Rope

If you have ever tried to tie something up with a span of rope, you have noticed that it is not always easy to get your object as high off the ground as you would like.

And this is an easy hack for that problem.

Just clip a Carabiner onto one side of the rope and start to give it a twist.

It may be a little stiff at first, but once it starts to wind up, it gets a little easier.

Keep twisting until you have reached your desired height and then just clip the Carabiner onto the rope again.

If you have done it correctly, the Carabiner will stay in place holding the rope tight.


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Step 4: Cabinet Lock for Kids

Cabinet Lock for Kids

If you have some storage cabinets and some small children, it is a good idea to keep the cabinets locked.

A simple fix is to just insert a Carabiner into the locking holes.

The combination of unlocking the Carabiner and removing it from the holes will be a little difficult for many children.


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Step 5: ​Belt Organizer

Belt Organizer

If you have a lot of belts like we do, there is a good chance you have several place in your closet to store them.

This can be much easier with a large Carabiner.

These large clips can usually be found at many dollar stores.

Just clip the Carabiner onto your clothes hanging rod and flip it upside down.

Then you can take your belts and organize them.

I have found that hanging the largest belt buckle towards the back makes it easier to see all of them.


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Step 6: ​Sign Holder

Sign Holder

If you like to leave notes around your house or apartment for the others living with you, then this hack is for you.

If you combine a Carabiner and a binder clip, you can easily attach a note and hang it anywhere there is a knob, string, or fence.

This works great to remind our kids about no TV days.


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Step 7: Fake Chain Lock

Fake Chain Lock

If you have a fence gate on your property that you use a lot but you wish you could make it look more secure, use this hack.

Get a large chain that looks very solid, but still fits through your fence.

Now take a lock and add it to the front of the chain where the ends meet.

Next push a section of the chain through the fence and a section through the gate.

On the back of the chain, attach it together with a Carabiner.

I would also suggest painting the Carabiner the same color as the chain.

Now you can have quick access into your fence, but most people passing by would never notice it is a Fake Chain Lock.


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Step 8: ​Leash Clip Replacement

Leash Clip Replacement

If you use a leash for your dog, then there is a good chance you have had the clip on the end of the leash wear out before the leash itself.

Instead of trashing the leash, just add a Carabiner in place of the original clip.

This can extend the life of the leash, PLUS it is much easier to attach to your dog’s collar.

We have been using this hack for a while and it works great.


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Step 9: ​Wrench Organizer

Wrench Organizer

If you have a bunch of tools, especially wrenches, then might like this hack.

If you take a large Carabiner and attach your wrenches from largest to smallest, you can easily organize them.

This works great if you have a small toolbox where you keep all of your tools.

Now you no longer have to pull everything out of the box to find that one wrench that always seems to find its way to the lowest part of the box.

This is also a great way to hang your wrenches on the wall with only one hook or nail.

You can also use a small Carabiner for some of those smaller wrenches.


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Step 10: ​Hair Band Organizer and Hanger

Hair band Organizer and Hanger

If you have a bunch of hair bands, then a Carabiner is a great way to keep all of them together in one area.

But don’t stop there.

Find some small suction cup hooks and attach them to your mirror.

Now you can hang the Carabiners onto the hooks.

This will allow you to keep them organized with quick access.

Some suction cup hooks are better than others, so if you want them to last, buy the better ones.


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125 Discussions

I just used one to connect a chain to my newly installed bird feeder. Darned useful things they be.

HIGH 10.jpg

I've been using hair-bands on shower curtain rings to hold lengths of dressmaking and craft material - but a carabiner would do even better, thanks for the idea

6 replies

This is a little off topic, but I use covered hair elastics to hang my shower curtain. You can even colour coordinate them to your bathroom. I thread the elastic through the hole in the plastic shower curtain. I pass one end of the elastic through the loop of the other end and then hang the elastic on the shower curtain hook, or carabiner. If the shower curtain is pulled too hard, the elastics will stretch and save the plastic curtain from being ripped away from the carabiner/curtain hooks.

Hi Helena;

I have never seen anyone else protect their shower curtain this way, other than myself. It is nice to know that there are other equally creative problem solvers out there.

Vicki Henderson

Hi Snowf - it's not so much to protect them as to lengthen them: someone before me put the shower curtain rail at least 2 inches too high - means there's at least a 2-inch gap at the bottom that lets water splash on to the floor and cold draughts rush n!

So I fitted the hair bands between the curtain eye and the shower hook; that's just about enough to close the tap, more or less.

lol was gong to include this in a planned "handy hints" 'Ible!

Hi Helena;

That would be great! I used to have to replace my shower curtain quite often until I started to use the elastics. That was when my kids still lived at home though, so maybe I don't need them now as much as I used to. I will be watching for your "handy hints" 'ible.

lol thank you. But this seems to be a "don't hold your breath" event ...


2 years ago

another hack: put carabiner large enough to hook over handicap bar next to toilet, on your handle of backpack or purse strap. Then you will always have a way to keep pack or purse off the floor, when hook is not provided.

5 replies

I use a split ring (key chain ring) on the zipper pull tab of my purse. I can attach my keys to the ring with a carabiner and drop the keys into an outside pocket of the purse to keep them from swinging around. I never have to dig through my purse to find them.

Excellent! TY!

Wow! I never thought of that. Thanks so much for this one. Nothing worse than trying to hold your purse/pack while trying to get seated and back up again. Thanks!!

No problem. I have done a lot of traveling and I picked up a few tricks. You should have seen some of the scuzzy bathrooms I have had to use. I felt like a needed a tetanus shot just from breathing the air, let along touching anything. ?

that is preety cool you think you could do something that includes cooking in it for me because i love to cook for my family

1 reply

You could use them for hanging pots and pans over an island in your kitchen. Also large slotted spoons, spatulas, spaghetti spoons, whisks and egg lifters.

Nice, I especialy like the fake chain lock.

great ideas thank you.