12V Air Cooler Power Up by Old PC Power Supply

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I Live in Punjab, Pakistan and their is too much hot summers. so my brother purchased the 12V DC Air Cooler but in our home we have 2 Battery UPS which makes 24V DC if we run on Single Battery which makes the 1 battery week and other in high power which is not good for UPS so i decide to convert 12V DC Air Cooler to AC Air Cooler by using my old Computer Supply.

Hardware Required:

1x 12V DC Air Cooler

1x Computer Power Supply

1x Wire Cutter

1x Soldering iron

1x Plastic Tape for wire wrapping.

Step 1: Powering on the Supply

if you plug the power wire into supply and power on the button still you will see that power supply is off. power supply need signal to turn on it self. green wires is power signal wire. so cut the green wire and black wire from Plastic Jumper and join them. it will make the power supply on.

Step 2:



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